SoulVival Life is currently planning to add more sessions that include learning and practicing foundational skills as it relates to water, fire, shelter, first aid, food, defense, and navigation. There are many sub-skills that fall under these buckets and our goal is to explore as many methods as possible. We do that by relying on a variety of people, organizations, training courses, and even people within the group. We live by the "Each One Teach One" proverb.

Building strong relationships with others that are dedicated to promoting outdoor, prepping, survival and homesteading skills is so important and necessary. SoulVival Life collaborates with groups whose mission is to connect Black, Brown and all People of Color to the outdoors.  Currently, the groups that we link up with are in the Detroit (Michigan/Ohio area). If you are a part of such a group we'd love to connect with you as well.  Go to the contact page and hit us up!