Home Sweet Homestead

Whether you are homesteading on the range, off the grid or in a city/suburb, homesteading is dedicated to living a life of self sufficiency. From growing and preserving food, livestock and animal husbandry, carpentry and hand crafting clothes and other goods, homesteaders know how to make a simple life feel grand.


If you were lucky enough to live under the care of a grandparent or elder, you will have heard those good ole day stories where most things were produced homemade.  People relied first on themselves or their neighbors for everyday survival. Life seemed so simple even though times were still considered hard. For those who seek a minimalist lifestyle, homesteading could be the perfect way to live. As with anything else, there are varying degrees of homesteading ranging from modern to traditional, in which the later relies less on government or other public entities in their day to day living. Off grid living is a whole ‘nother topic to explore at a later time. More and more people are looking to disconnect and live off grid.


Skills for homesteading requires knowledge in many different areas. Just like with survivalism, practice and hands on skills are necessary. Trial and error is a big part of the success of a homesteader. And similar to prepping, storing up food and goods for times of shortage is very important. Homesteading is probably one of the most relatable lifestyles compared to prepping and survival. It is a continuous and everyday way of practical living and even far beyond surviving, it is focused more on thriving as opposed to surviving and relies heavily on family and community.


SoulVival Life will follow and share the everyday lives of various people all living at different levels of the homesteading lifestyle. We will learn more about the rewards, sacrifices and triumphs of what it takes to be a homesteader.

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