Outdoor, Prepping, Survival and Homesteading 

We will refer to these 4 subjects going forward as OPSH (pronounced OPp-SHa), because it’s so much easier than writing Outdoors, Prepping, Survival and Homestead...and also because if we called it SHOP and POSH, no one would take us serious. 


In our opinion, each of these subjects intersect and the lines can sometimes be blurred on which one you are operating under. When done right and time is  equally devoted to each, a well rounded, self sufficient person and more importantly a self reliant community is formed.  

The more knowledge you have of each, the greater your chances of thriving. Notice we didn’t say survival? So many people focus on only one aspect and it's mainly just to survive. We will talk more about that in the coming blogs where we discuss the various personas that exist within OPSH.

We can truly create our own “superpowers” by learning the dynamics of what each subject involves, as they are all very important. There are so many OPSH lessons and methods that it seems impossible to learn them all in a lifetime. And for the most part we have been spoiled by technology and are already so far behind the curve. SoulVival Life is all about taking personal responsibility to actively go out and seek training in order to come back and share what was learned with other fellow SoulVivalist. We do not under any circumstance claim or pretend to be experts, but we are willing to put ourselves out there and find resources in order to advance our skills in each of the subjects. We must EMPOWER ourselves to POWER up our communities.