Get Out! 

More and more studies are being released proving how important it really is to go outside and be one with nature. The list includes; stress relief, improved focus and improves memory, healthier immune system, increased longevity, and the ability to fight some states of depression. These are just a few of the benefits of being exposed to the outdoors. The physical benefits of being outdoors is a lot easier to visually see. Hiking,  kayaking and mountain climbing burns a tremendous amount of calories and usually unbeknownst to the person doing the activity, the mind is often preoccupied with the surrounding sounds and beauty of nature that you don’t even notice how much energy is being exerted.


Being in tune with nature awakens a spiritual side in us and more importantly provides a connection to our ancestors. Blacks and People of Color in particular, have such a deep rooted attachment to our ancestors that it's almost impossible to separate nature from it.  


Possibly one of my favorite side effects of being outdoors is the awakening of our primal side. It feels as if we just simply belong and are meant to exist. Being outdoors increases empathetic feelings towards living things like plants and animals, and makes us realize the importance of our interconnectedness and symbiotic relationship. The impact that one person can have on the ecosystem is simply amazing and humbling all at the same time.  


SoulVival Life will explore the above in deeper detail and will also dive deeper into the outdoors and all of its totality; the good, the bad and the sometimes viciously, ugly. As we do more and more outdoor activities we want to share our experience with others so please stay tuned.

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