How Did I Get Here?

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Wait! When did this happen and how did I get here? I mean, there is no denying it because there is this website and a group called SoulVival Life serving as proof. Okay don't panic Adrienne, prepping and learning survival skills can be fun. You get to act out real life situations, entertain things that may or may not happen. The cool part is that no matter how much you up the ante with your "what if" scenarios, a fellow prepper will be there to make sure you know that you're not crazy...No, you are just ready for any emergency that may fall from the sky. People who don't prepare and think everything will be peachy keen are the crazy ones right? Over there living a carefree life, not worried about how many gallons per person is recommended. Looking at their 5lbs of rice like it's 50lbs. {sigh}. Seriously though, how did I get here?

Actually I know exactly how I got here. While there is nothing fun about a SHTF scenario, there is something quite adventurous about it. Prepping takes organization and dedication. The continuous struggle to keep stockpiling more and more items, and waking up in a panic when you realize your BOB only included 3 pairs of underwear when you should have packed 5 instead. It’s a never ending worry about what did I forget or not have enough of. There is certainly nothing fun about that. While I don’t like those kinds of pressures, what I am in to is all the the way in which being a prepper, a survivalist, an outdoor adventurer and a homesteaders intersects with each other and works in harmony. For example, I really enjoy being in nature, and I cannot think of better mental and physical skills that nature offers. Usually you will hear preppers talk about BOLs and possibly going into a wooded area to hide out while all the crazy killings and looting happens in residential neighborhoods. I can just see the sidewalks covered with corpse overlaid on top of drawings of hopscotch squares {Gulp}....while I am tucked away in some tent safe unbeknownst to anyone else. I love talking to others about how we plan to rebuild, and who will do which job based on their knowledge and skill sets. I love talking about chore sharing and living cooperatively. I love exploring how our SoulVival Life group will start some new life, possibly a better one. And yes, I really, really like practicing primitive skills. So it's true, I really don’t like the over enthusiastic prepping mindset at all the more I think about it. I probably won’t ever stockpile a year, or heck even 6 months of food, but I will begin collecting enough for at least 3 months in which case my gardening skills had better kick in real quick (fyi it takes about 2.5 weeks for potatoes and tomatoes from seeding to harvesting, which is just in time for my ration to run out right)! Hey, maybe that will have to be good enough for now. And guess what, I am totally okay with that.