If It's About To Go Down...Are You Ready?

A true act of being proactive versus reactive is to prepare. Preppers prepare for various emergency situations that are deemed likely to happen by stockpiling various goods such as; food, water, firearms, ammo, weapons, ammunition, first aid/medicine, tools, seeds, and various other items that would permit them to survive any threats or disruptions for a temporary amount of time. The goods they store will most likely not be easily accessible elsewhere after an emergency occurs. Emergency situations include but are not limited to; power outages, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which will destroy the grid that everything operates from, fires, civil unrest, and don’t forget the unknown “zombie” like invasion. No matter how small or outlandish the situation is, when SHTF they will be ready to outlast that emergency.


Prepping is not an act of just collecting random items. Dedicated preppers assess various emergency situations and create plans for how best to survive until the situation comes to an end. Preppers usually prep under two scenarios; Bugging In, which means staying in your current location or Bugging Out, fleeing from your current location to go to a place that provides more safety. Often times preppers keep ready-to-go bags full of items needed to get them to their safety location and sustain them until the threat is over.


A lot of research goes into prepping and we will share books, websites and resources that can best help you navigate and prepare for it. Make no mistake there's levels to this! So much so that on any given platform dedicated to preppers you will see heated arguments amongst hardcore preppers because there are a hundred viewpoints on how to effectively and efficiently prep. There are so many dynamics that comes along with being prepared that this website probably doesn’t have the bandwidth to dive even halfway through this subject. The acronyms alone are more than enough to boggle the mind; TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, FIFO, BUG, BOL, BOV, and BSTS are just the tip of the iceberg. By the time you finally do learn all the acronyms it will literally be the EOTW (end of the world).

As SoulVival Life explores all the different ways to prepare oneself and community for emergencies, we will share with your our experiences of the pros and cons to prepping, and the personas of a prepper which needs an entire section all on its own. We won’t go into the mindsets of a prepper here, but we will dedicate various blogs/vlogs to unraveling all the different levels, stages and degrees that comes with this lifestyle.  

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