SoulVival Life provides the community with educational opportunities to engage in various skills through hands on learning experiences. In order for SoulVival Life to host events, funding is needed to pay for trainers and/or for equipment. At times, we do our best to borrow items from others but that can be hard to coordinate and is not always reliable.


SoulVival Life will host first time camper events. In order to help people who have never had the opportunity or means to enjoy an overnight experience in the great outdoors. You can help support our mission with your kind donations. A little, even as low as $5 can go a long way and will be so appreciated.  With your donation, please drop your contacts deets so I can thank you and be sure to keep you posted of how your donation allowed us to fulfill our mission. If you cannot donate money, please instead share our website, social media, and podcast with others.  


Below is just a few of SoulVival Life's wish list items that will help us continue to host camping events and other training opportunities. We would also like to help provide professional, specialized training in various survival skills.

Tents (2 person, all season, weatherproof)

Tents (10-12 person, all season, weatherproof)

Sleeping Pads

Sleeping Bags 



Camp Stoves

Stove Fuel

Cook Ware

Food Ware

Food Utensils


Pop-up Canopies

Camp Chairs

Recreation equipment