Soulvival of the Fitest

The truest and most reliable of skills. Survivalist are the people who “take sumthin out of nuthin” and use or manipulate it to fit their needs. In other words, they rely on the bare essentials to live. With minimal tools usually, survivalist for the most part believes that all you need to survive can be found in nature. Often referred to as primitive or ancestral living, it relies heavily on utilizing wood, plants, water sources and even animals. The motto for survivalist is “The more skills you have, the less tools/gear you need”.


Survivalism requires strong mental and physical aptitude, even more so than outdoors, prepping and homesteading. This lifestyle requires a deeper understanding of a multitude of situations and ultimately comes down to applying knowledge. Being as how there is little to no control over environmental factors, conditions can often vary which means what worked before may not successfully be replicated so easily the next time.

Survival skills can be summed up by patience, perseverance, and practice, practice, and more practice.


Some of the basic, foundational skills of focus includes; fire, water/food, shelter, first aid, and navigation. Each of these drills further into a subsets of skills like herbalism, signaling, foraging, hunting/fishing, knot tying, and hygiene .


There is quite a lot of overlap between survivalist and preppers which often can make the line blurred about how one identifies themselves and others. The best way to differentiate the two would be to identify how much a person utilizes man made tools versus utilizing the resources the environment naturally provides.


Being that survival skills is the absolute foundation for life, we will spend a loving and extensive amount of time dedicated to this matter.

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